Oscars 2016: Joy

Another feel-good slice of petit bourgeois apple pie, filled with boisterous, larger-than-life characters with poor fashion sense, and it’s just about as conservative as a Frank Capra film

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Coming Attractions

There was a lot to take in at this year’s Comic-Con, what with Star Wars news, a peek at the new episodes of the soon-to-be-ended Hannibal, trailers for The Walking Dead and its spinoff, some Marvel stuff, including the possibility of Old Man Wolverine, a Christmas Sherlock, and the first full-length trailer for Batman V. […]

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Share What You Know

I honestly did not think I would end up writing about topics.as diverse as the thematic importance of smoking in movies, Miley Cyrus swinging on a sledgehammer, why walking is good for your brain, and that there’s a fossil named after Mick Jagger.

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