Jon Hamm Swaps 1960s New York for 1980s Beirut

Fans of Mad Men have been wondering will there be life for Jon Hamm after the show (there are only two episodes left of the groundbreaking drama). His work outside the AMC drama has been hit and miss in terms of commercial success. In fact he has scored his biggest non-Mad Men critical plaudits for […]

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Smoke Doesn’t Get In Your Eyes: Movies and Smoking

For a movie character, how you hold a cigarette is just as important as the smoking of it. If you’re Bogart, or a Bogart wannabe, you hold it between thumb and forefinger, your knuckles still showing, to show you’re a tough guy. A long cigarette delicately held between two tapered fingers? You’re an elegant, seductive woman. Your hand flat, the cigarette between middle and third finger? You’re an aristocrat.

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