Begorrathon 2017: The Wounded Poacher

The Wounded Poacher by Henry Jones Thaddeus. National Gallery of Ireland

Henry Jones Thaddeus (1859 – 1929) was an Irish realist painter who studied at the School of Art in Cork, a place he later described as:

A ramshackle, tumble-down building, with a pathetic notice at the head of its staircase imploring students not to jump or run down in a body, as the steps would give way; such was the Cork School of Art, when as a boy of ten, in the year of grace 1870, I crossed its well-worn threshold and was initiated into the mysteries of elementary art.

Thaddeus studied further in Paris and later travelled throughout Europe and North Africa, mixing with fellow artists and member of the aristocracy.

He was elected to the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1901

The Wounded Poacher was painted in 1881


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The Murder Trial That Gripped Dublin

In 1852 Dublin artist William Burke Kirwan was condemned to death for the murder of his wife, Maria. The case gripped the public’s attention no less than any other salacious crime. Kirwan had a mistress living in Sandymount, by whom he had seven children, and though public sentiment was against him at first, there were – and still are – doubts about his guilt.

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