Tunnel Vision

He tries desperately to appear wise and clever to people, taking to wearing all black, sunglasses indoors, holding impressive works of literature in the hope that passers-by will be interested, telling the manager of Shakespeare & Co. in Paris that their essay section is disappointing (despite not having any suggestions on how to improve it).

If this sounds insufferable to you, then perhaps Tunnel Vision isn’t for you.

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14 Great Car Chases

Car chases have been a part of cinema since the early days. Once filmmakers worked out that something moving – and moving fast – is exciting to watch, they began putting in chases of all kinds. After all, it isn’t called a motion picture for nothing. So here are some iconic car chases. Bullitt The […]

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Je Suis un Parisien

The world is in shock after Friday’s horrific events in Paris. This is the second time this year that Parisians have had to suffer a sudden murderous attack. Following the murders of cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo in January, the slogan Je Suis Charlie was take up across the world as a rallying cry for freedom […]

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Bon Anniversaire, Tour d’Eiffel

By Niall McArdle The Eiffel Tower is 125 today. Did you know it was supposed to dismantled in 1909? You can read the history of the design and construction here. Engineer Gustave Eiffel also designed the dome of the Nice Observatory, Pest Railway Station in Budapest, and the metallic structure of the Statue of Liberty, […]

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