Obey the J-Law!

by Niall McArdle Happy Friday. I’m just popping by to let all you fluffsters know that I am still taking a blogging break after my You’re All Perverts Naked Jennifer Lawrence Blogiversary post, but I wanted to update you on flufferings to come. Coming Soon to the Fluffosphere or Obey the J-Law This is a […]

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The Crazy 88s and The Hateful Eight: A Royale With Cheeseathon Update

Just a quick update on the Pulp Fiction 20th anniversary Royale With Cheeseathon We’ve had guest posts from Cathy at 746 Books and Anna at Film Grimoire. source: stayte-of-the-art.deviantart.com The cheeseathon is still going on; send your stuff to ragingfluff@yahoo.ca Need some cheeseathon inspiration for your post? You may want to check out two pieces of Tarantino news […]

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Nymph()maniac (trailer review)

By Niall McArdle Say what you like about controversial director Lars Von Trier, but he makes the films he wants and doesn’t compromise. Putting the audience – and his actors – through uncomfortable moments is his stock in trade. He makes difficult, challenging films that divide critics and audiences. His admirers think he’s a visionary […]

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