Twenty Books of Summer: Echoland

When you’ve been at this business as long as me you’ll learn not to be surprised by anything. One day you’re arresting people. Next day you’re protecting the same people. The day after, who knows? They’re shooting you, or you’re saluting them. Echoland by Joe Joyce has been selected as the 2017 Dublin One City […]

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I is for Ida

Ida is an Oscar-nominated Polish film by Pawel Pawilowski. It is a beautifully-shot, haunting meditation on identity, spirituality and loneliness. I reviewed it last year in the run-up to the Oscars. Click on the photo to read the review. Bonus: I is also for Inception I have seen Inception several times, and I admire and […]

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Drawing the Curtain

I reviewed some books for the current issue of Canadian Literature. Regarding Stan Persky’s Post-Communist Stories, I wrote: A thoughtful, warm, and often wryly funny examination of a topic usually given a sober treatment: the state of the former Eastern Bloc after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Perhaps because in his day job Perksy […]

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75 Years After “The Night of Broken Glass” and the Gay Secret that Goebbels Hid

By Niall McArdle Only a few weeks after the Munich Crisis, in which Britain and France sold out Czechoslovakia to appease Hitler, Nazi Germany showed its true colours regarding its policy towards Jews. With a combination of violence and propaganda, it carried out a series of attacks on Jews across the country. On November 9th, […]

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