Up Pompeii?? V at Verbal Spew Verbally Skewers Volcanic Spew

Up Pompeii?? V at Verbal Spew Verbally Skewers Volcanic Spew

By Niall McArdle

The deliciously snarky V at Verbal Spew is back blogging after a hiatus. Check out her hilarious review of Pompeii, a film that sounds unintentionally hilarious. Fans of Jon Snow will appreciate his abs, but V reveals some shocking news about the Stark bastard’s navel.


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The Mystery of the Missing House in Glenageary!

The Mystery of the Missing House in Glenageary!

By Niall McArdle

My old pal, the lovely Aisling Dunne is an archivist at the Irish Architectural Archive in Dublin. She has written this lovely little blog post about the history of a large detached villa in Glenageary. Glenageary is a suburb in South Dublin: Sinead O’Connor grew up in the area (so did Aisling, come to think of it).


Apparently the villa at one point had a twin. But who built it? And what happened to it? When was it demolished? Where exactly was it?

The Irish Architectural Archive is well worth dropping into if you are in Dublin. The Archive is housed in a magnificent Georgian townhouse on Merrion Square (just across the square from the National Gallery, another cultural gem that you should visit).

I blogged about the Archive before. Please do drop in if you are in Dublin. And if you can’t visit, then please consider supporting it.

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REELOUT Film Festival announces Festival Winners!

REELOUT Film Festival announces Audience Favourites!

By Niall McArdle


The Reelout Queer Film & Video Festival, held last week in Kingston, Ontario, and which I wrote about here, has just posted its audience awards.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Whispers of Life won the award for Best Short

Audrey Lorde: The Berlin Years was voted Best Documentary

Reaching for the Moon won Best Feature

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REELOUT Film Festival

REELOUT Film Festival

I’m doing double duty this weekend in the lovely city of Kingston, Ontario. I’ll be reporting on the films I get to see at the Reelout Queer Film Festival, but I’m also here representing one of the films being presented: Barry’s Bespoke Bakery, a short Irish film that’s been doing the rounds on the festival circuit. My brother Denis is the writer/director, but could not come over to Canada for the showing.

I’m staying in Kingston as a guest of the Four Points by Sheraton (and they’ve given me rather a nice room!)

I will post again on Monday. In the meantime, fluffsters, have a great weekend!


Raging Fluff

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Dublin: One City One Book

Dublin: One City One Book

Dublin Made Me by Donagh MacDonagh

Dublin made me and no little town
With the country closing in on its streets
The cattle walking proudly on its pavements
The jobbers, the gombeenmen and the cheats

Devouring the fair-day between them
A public-house to half a hundred men
And the teacher, the solicitor and the bank-clerk
In the hotel bar drinking for ten.

Dublin made me, not the secret poteen still
The raw and hungry hills of the West
The lean road flung over profitless bog
Where only a snipe could nest

Where the sea takes its tithe of every boat.
Bawneen and currach have no allegiance of mine,
Nor the cute self-deceiving talkers of the South
Who look to the East for a sign.

The soft and dreary midlands with their tame canals
Wallow between sea and sea, remote from adventure
And Northward a far and fortified province
Crouches under the lash of arid censure.

I disclaim all fertile meadows, all tilled land
The evil that grows from it and the good,
But the Dublin of old statutes, this arrogant city
Stirs proudly and secretly in my blood.

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