The Parallel Universe of Regret

When I’m not writing (a state in which sadly I find myself too often), I try to do something else vaguely creative, always in the hope that by exercising different artsy muscles, the writing process will get better or easier.

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It sometimes works out.

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Late last year, I decided I needed a change. I was in a rut and desperate to do something that was different. I have a friend who is a musician and who is big into electronic music. I was fascinated by his process, which involved composing music entirely on a laptop. After pestering him for a while and having listened to several of his tracks, I decided I would try my hand at messing about with a music software programme.

On New Year’s Day I downloaded LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio), a freeware music programme, and began experimenting with beats, samples and sounds.

I find it a very interesting process, and became a little obsessed with what the programme can do (if regular readers were wondering why I wasn’t posting regularly over the winter, it’s because I was staying up all night tweaking the reverb setting on a guitar sample.)

Friday is the day that the record industry ‘drops’ music, as the kids say.

So Happy Friday, Fluffsters, here’s my album!


It’s probably best described as industrial electronica.

Although it does feature a track I made with my rapper friend Bee that probably should be called industrial hip-hop.

Bee Rock Steady

By the way, that track, “Bee’s Crew” is NSFW.


The album is available to listen to for free on Soundcloud.

It will be for sale on iTunes Bandcamp just as soon as my twelve-year-old niece can explain to me how iTunes Bandcamp works and then sets up an account for me.

“Bee’s Crew” is now on sale in all its F-bombing glory at Bandcamp.




3 thoughts on “The Parallel Universe of Regret

  1. Well done for giving it a go, Niall. ‘Interference’ certainly sounds like the title, that’s for sure.
    The second track is unusual. I am not a fan of Rap/Hip Hop, but I actually found this quite compelling! (And I’m an old codger…)
    Cheers, Pete.

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