U is for Universal

U is for Universal Universal was always the poor man’s studio that churned out B Pictures. MGM had the stars; and the high-end productions; Warner Bros. had the social conscience and pretty much created the crime thriller; Fox had the quality melodramas. Universal had Dracula. And Frankenstein’s monster. And the Wolf Man. And the Mummy. The […]

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R is for Rains

He was often a suave crook, but he also had a good line in kindly patriarchs and jovial villains, and he enjoyed himself enormously: he has an indecently good time playing evil Prince John in The Adventures of Robin Hood

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Q is for Queens

Q is for Queens Golden Age Hollywood was often obsessed with Ye Olden Days, and the studio backlots would often be jammed with dukes and duchesses, lords and ladies, and princes and princesses. Much of this historical play-acting was down to moguls wanting to seem literate, cultured gentlemen instead of carny hucksters. So they would […]

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