Drink-Along-A-Don: The Mad Men Drinking Game

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By Niall McArdle

Mad Men has only been off the air for a few months, but the hype is already building for the show’s final season, which will begin next spring and conclude in 2015.

Meanwhile, Season 6  – which had fans divided: was it the best ever or highly flawed? –  will be available on DVD and Blue Ray on November 5th.

Make watching Mad Men more fun (but not necessarily memorable) by playing the Mad Men Drinking Game:

Before you start, stock up on lots of booze. Canadian Club ideally, but any whisky or bourbon will do, as will gin, vodka, brandy, wine and Heineken. If you really want to get fancy, you can make cocktails.


Six seasons of Mad Men is roughly 80 hours of TV. Take the week off work and sit in a comfy chair.

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Mad Men cannot live on booze alone. You’ll need food. We suggest Utz potato chipsSugarberry Ham, Life Cereal, Heinz beans and Hershey bars.


Once you’re settled in, the rules are so simple even Lois Sadler could play along and not mess it up:


Just make sure she doesn’t drink and drive

Ready to play?

When Don drinks, you drink.

When Don smokes, you drink.

When Don sleeps with a woman, you drink.

When Don pitches to a client, you drink.

When Don sees dead people, you drink. rc4taa

When Don has flashbacks to Dick Whitman’s really quite depressing Depression childhood, you drink. 

When Don hallucinates, you drink. 

Bonus: When you see questionable parenting, you drink. 

Extra Bonus: when Pete Campbell falls down the stairs, you drink. 

Extra Extra Bonus: When Lane Pryce beats up Pete Cambell, you drink. 

Extra Extra Extra Bonus: when Ken Cosgrove dances, you drink. 

And finally, whenever Roger Sterling says practically anything … you drink. 

Congratulations! If at this point you’re not dead from alcohol poisoning, you’ve won!

And if you still haven’t had enough of Mad Men, enjoy the music 

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