The Depends-ables?

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By Niall McArdle



The Expendables are not expendable at all: they make too much money.

The latest film in the Sanatogen action series hits screens this week.

This time around Sylvester Stallone and his merry band of ageing mercenaries are joined by Mel Gibson as the villain (now that’s casting!)

As well as the usual faces – the Terminator, Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins, Master Blaster, Half Pint, and the wax model formerly known as Dolph – we also get Puss in Boots, Rusty Blade, an ass-kicking chick, Frasier, and Han Solo.

They’re all experienced action stars of course. Experience is the word: Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Gibson, Ford and Lundgren: that’s over THREE HUNDRED years of experience right there.

Snipes was to have been in the first movie, but he had a scheduling conflict.

Ford is replacing Bruce Willis, who liked to eat off Stallone’s plate a little too much for Sly’s liking.

At 6’5″, Dolph Lundgren is the tallest cast-member. At 5’6″ (and a quarter!), Jet Li is the shortest.

You can find other fun facts about the cast here.



I rather enjoyed the first one; the sequel less so.

The new one looks just as ridiculous: it will make a ton.

A fourth instalment is already in the works. Perhaps the gang will be breaking into a nursing home in that one.

3 thoughts on “The Depends-ables?

  1. I am old enough to be in this one.
    I just shudder at the waste of (some) talent, and money that could be better spent actually creating something worth watching. Perhaps I am losing my sense of ‘fun’. (Surely not?)
    Best wishes, Pete.


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