Ten Actors You Didn’t Know Were In “Band of Brothers” (UPDATED JANUARY 2015)

This post used to be called Nine Actors You Didn’t Know Were in ‘Band of Brothers’

I have now added one more as i just found out that Dubliner Andrew Scott ( Moriarty in Sherlock; The Stag; Locke) was also in it.

hall- andrew scott-band

Christ, at this point it looks like pretty much every up-and-coming British or Irish actor from the late 90s was in the HBO miniseries.

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Stephen Graham
Stephen Graham
Jason O'Mara
Jason O’Mara
Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon
Simon Pegg
Simon Pegg
Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy
James McAvoy
James McAvoy
Dominc Cooper
Dominic Cooper (couldn’t find a screenshot of him: he was in one episode)
Tom Hanks. The series' producer is seen in the background as a British officer
Tom Hanks. The series’ producer is seen in the background as a British officer

By Niall McArdle

There are over 500 speaking parts in HBO’s mammoth war drama Band of Brothers. The series was shot in England, so it should come as no surprise that a lot of young British and Irish actors were in the cast. Michael Fassbender was in almost every episode as Christenson. Fassbender is fluent in German; he must have wondered why they cast him to play someone who couldn’t speak a word of it.


24 thoughts on “Ten Actors You Didn’t Know Were In “Band of Brothers” (UPDATED JANUARY 2015)

  1. LOVE Andrew Scott…and Tom Hardy. And especially James McAvoy, as he’s a Scot. I never watched Band Of Brothers. Sometimes I find it incredibly hard to differentiate between the characters when they’re all wearing the same type of uniform, so I tend to avoid war films when they’re concentrating on men in uniform! V lazy I know!

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  2. Marc Warren was in a very successful BBC Tv series called HUSTLE.
    I can’t remember Jamie Bamber’s role in Band of Brothers. He had great success in the U.S. In BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

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  3. I was a NYC Firefighter, I was hurt in November 2001, broken Ankle, Broken knee cap.
    I was stuck in a Recliner for 6 weeks and I started watching Band of Brothers. I was a instant fan. I served in the Army, obviously not WW2, but the Series was so on the Money for the Brotherhood that I have seen as a Soldier and as a Firefighter.
    My wife brought me the whole VCR Series set which helped me get through five operations on my leg.
    God Bless the Men and Women in Uniform who fight too Protect our Freedom.
    Currahee 3 miles up 3 miles down

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