Fly the Zombie-Friendly Skies


Just as one zombie show shuffles off, another one prepares to shuffle in, and yet another shambles on to an airplane to wreak general brain-eating havoc at 30,000 feet. Fear the Walking Dead — the not-quite-terrifying and some might say somewhat dull prequel to The Walking Dead — finished its first season on Sunday night.

The new season of The Walking Dead begins next Sunday. And just in case one weekly dose of walkers isn’t enough, AMC has launched a web-series with the cumbersome title Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462.

The 16-part series will air online and during commercial breaks for The Walking Dead. To keep viewers interested in what is otherwise a blatant rip-off of the best scene from World War Z, one of the characters in Flight 462will eventually join the main cast of Fear the Walking Dead. But who will it be? The nervous teenage boy with the out-of-date Justin Bieber haircut? The grumbly business guy? The “cool” chick? The Christian lady?

Well, you’ll just have to tune in for each minute-long episode to find out. Seriously, AMC, a minute each? AMC has turned us all into zombies mindlessly staring at screens and waiting for someone to get bitten.

2 thoughts on “Fly the Zombie-Friendly Skies

    1. Fear the Waling Dead was slow to get going and somewhat boring in places, with uninteresting characters and a soap opera-ish story about blended families. But it had some great moments and the final episode was pretty kick-ass.


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