Y is for Youth

Y is for Youth Hollywood during the Golden Age at times could seem like an adventure playground filled with children. Child stars were a staple of most of the studios; and a huge draw. At one point Shirley Temple was indisputably The Biggest Star in the World. And many of her peers were also highly […]

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N is for Nick and Nora

N is for Nick and Nora It’s really no surprise that Nick and Nora Charles captivated audiences when the sleuthing couple tipsily arrived on screen in 1934 in The Thin Man. Prohibition in America had just recently been repealed; the nation was in the mood for a drink, and Nick and Nora happily imbibed. A […]

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I is for Ingram

I is for Ingram I was thinking I would continue my A to Z Challenge on Old Hollywood with a general post about Irish actors in movies: Barry Fitzgerald, Maureen O’Hara, George Brent, Una O’Connor,  and so on. My good friend Beanmimo has already written two excellent articles on this subject, one about Irish Oscar […]

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The Shop Around the Corner

“The Shop Around the Corner” has to be one of the most relaxed romantic comedies ever made. Made at a time when Hollywood comedies were getting faster and more screwy, the film opts for ease: it moves briskly but effortlessly through 97 minutes, and it’s so charmingly played you barely realise just how simple it is.

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