What a spray! What a lovely spray!

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road on Monday evening, and I can’t stop thinking about it.


A full review will follow*, but in the meantime: GO SEE IT


George Miller’s gleeful, over the top post-apocalyptic Stagecoach is doing very respectable business at the box office thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews and great word of mouth. If you haven’t seen it, please rectify that now.

It is easily the best action film to come along in a long, long time.

Think Wacky Races on acid.

It is a smart, feminist take on the usual macho fare found in this sort of thing. It eschews CGI for old-fashioned practical effects and stunt-work. It is a meditation on everything from climate change to child soldiers, reproductive rights (something which I am glad to report angered Men’s Rights activists) to rape (the unspoken theme of the film is the use of rape as a war crime).

Plus, come on, a flame-throwing electric guitar! What’s not to like?


Being that we live in the age of memes, the Internet has been quick to respond to the film’s many visual splendors. There is, for instance a LEGO version of the Doof Warrior; a fun, feminist “Hey Girl” examination of the film’s gender politics; and a Mario Kart version of the trailer.

Now, though, the infiltration of the film into public consciousness is complete with the news that the film’s fans are adding reviews and comments to an Amazon page which sells – of all things – food colouringWilton Silver Color Mist is a silver food coloring spray, and it resembles to the shiny and chrome paint that the movie’s War Boys huff to prepare for their glorious trip to Valhalla. What a spray! What a lovely spray!


* I need to watch it again before I can fully do justice to it in a review. I have some issues with it, but I still found it hugely, ridiculously entertaining.

Plus, the music is wonderful.


18 thoughts on “What a spray! What a lovely spray!

  1. The blogs are going wild with rave reviews for this. I am thinking Tom Hardy as Mad Max?
    I respect your opinion as you know Niall. So, I will take it as read that this is a fun film to watch. It might have to wait until Film 4 for me though. Glad you enjoyed it mate. Pete.

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    1. If you have a chance to see it in a cinema (with decent sound!) it’s well worth leaving the house for: it really is something to behold.

      And in answer to your question, Hardy is probably the least interesting thing about the movie, but Theron is great, and Nicholas Hoult (the kid from About A Boy) is hysterical and surprisingly good


  2. I’m excited that you’re excited about Fury Road. 🙂 I can’t stop thinking about it either. I’ve been telling my friends and co-workers to see it in the theatres and not wait for the DVD/Blu-ray!

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    1. Absolutely! i haven’t been this excited about a film in …. well, it’s been a long, long time. I like lots of films and I often urge people to see this one or that one, but this is different. And I don’t even consider myself a huge fan of the franchise, but the experience of seeing this on Monday night was incredible. There are maybe only a handful of occasions in my life when I have emerged from a cinema genuinely thrilled. I was with friends so we had to leave but I would have gladly gone right back inside and watched it again.

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