Amy Adams Squared


The Amy Adams Double Bill …


Nocturnal Animals




On Saturday beanmimo and I headed to Dun Laoghaire to see Arrival and Nocturnal Animals.

Full reviews of both to follow, but in brief:

Both worth seeing for very different reasons. Arrival is proper, grown-up sci-fi, slow-paced, thoughtful, moving and the FX don’t overwhelm the story or the heart of the piece. I even enjoyed Jeremy Renner in it, and usually I find him sort of blah (the film only has two comic lines, and he gets to say both of them). Also, it has great music by Jóhann Jóhannsson and Max Richter. I’m still not sure about the idea of a sequel to Blade Runner, but after Enemy, Prisoners, Sicario and now Arrival, I’m now confident that Denis Villeneuve can do a god job as director.


Nocturnal Animals is sadly an exercise in style over substance. It looks terrific, but it’s shallow and banal. However, it has a terrific performance by Michael Shannon, as well as Aaron Taylor-Johnson (horribly scuzzy) and a cameo by the always-wonderful Laura Linney. Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal are as good as always.


A day after seeing both films, it’s her performance in Arrival that stays with me, perhaps because it’s a more interesting character and she has more to do (in Nocturnal Animals she mostly looks sad while walking around her beautiful home).

with Beanmimo 

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